Dil Bechara: Sushant Singh Rajput’s last outing is touching

Dil Bechara movie review

This story is written on a cancer patient named Kizie, who is badly entangled in the game of running his broken breath with the help of a small oxygen cylinder swinging between life and death.

His dreams are big enough to include everything from making the most handsome smart guy to a fellow singer, completing the unfinished song of a famous singer, but the biggest villain of life is time to slowly take him away from everyone.

Sushant Singh Rajput entry

Sushant Singh Rajput Play role as manny. Immanuel Rajkumar Jr., whom Rajinikanth Sir is known as the biggest fan of, appears as a hero, has done PhD in licking dust with every single trouble in life, but do not go on the face behind this laughing smile.

A deadly disease is hidden, in the process of getting rid of it, he has lost one of his feet completely

Because of which the most favourite hobby of playing basketball is gone forever and forever life changes.

dil bechara

I have something to support that in the midst of a cancer fight, love falls on a new journey in the world of love, yes, on the same path, where the brain is less used to find a home and more of heart to find his home address.

Twist in the film

Then suddenly in the dream world, death stands by the call and is forced to kneel in front of the conditions of the one who is unable to do so and the person above himself tilts his head in front of him.

Shivani's relationship will set the example of true love in front of the whole world, freed from life and death, or else their dreams will be shattered by getting entangled in the fabric of sorrow, pain and incomplete punishments.

Music sorcerer Ar Rahman has been made a part of it, even after it is over, you will not easily leave you

Sushant Singh Rajput's music talent does not seem to know what level it is that the title song of 1 day was completed without taking any break and made a record.

Dil Poor Famous English Film is Adoption in Hindi by making small changes in it, the story has been presented to us in a new style.

Sanjana Sanghi has done a good job and she is not at all behind in following Sushant Singh's step, her role is a little bit more like Jalebi but it is very easy to put everything in front of the screen.

Bollywood's Papa's fairies should be careful, Sanjana is going to last a long time in the industry

Saif Ali khan role

Big name, saif Ali Khan is seen as a small role but important. he plays a character as a singer who writes a love based song and plays a mental role as well as.

The real meaning to the heartless poor is hidden in the small one-liner dialogue, in which Sushant teaches about life to live without thinking about death and sometimes teaches him how to fulfil unfulfilled dreams.

On the other hand, despite his team being quite serious, the applause should be played for the way in which the film is made.


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