Mr Majnu movie: Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal

Mr majnu movie review.

Like now we all know that we have been very crazed to watch South Indian movies because their actions and style are strong and we are very big fans of the same thing.

mr majnu

So keeping in mind the same thing, a new film South Indian has been released called Mr Majnu.

Let's review whether the film has a story and how the film progresses.

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The film is made with a very famous actor named Akhil Akkineni and his story in this film is that he is born in a very big house and he flirts with every girl.

And he has had many girlfriends but when he meets his father's friend with a girl, he spends a little time with her, then you get a twist in the story.

Story and twist

When the girl from her father's friend, whose name is Nikita, tells Akhil that he should be in a relationship with her for 1 month.

he agrees and that girl messaging him every morning and when their relationship becomes a week old So she bites the cake every week because she can remember how old our friendship has been

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So Akhil Akkineni leaves him and says that he does not need him and he is too bored with all this, then the story changes completely and the girl goes to study in London, then Akhil Akkineni knows It shows how much importance she kept in her life when she had no message whatsoever.

And he used to miss a lot when his father would go to him there and try to convince him and when he arrives in London, he gets shocked when the girl sees him.

But she does not talk to him because she has a lot of anger in her mind and she does not want her heart to be broken again but you should watch it because if you would send the same film over action alone then it would be something else.

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When Akhil Akkineni arrives in London, he makes a lot of efforts to regain his friend that he can come back to the relationship with him but a lot of obstacles come in front of him.

Nikita wants him to go back and when Akhil Akkineni prepares to go back in the last, then only his girl's siblings tell his story that he has come after him and he has done a lot, I have sacrificed a lot. Then the girl tells him to stop himself and then Akhil Akkineni both stop there

So let's talk about how movies should get so many stars, talk about the story, you could have got a good story but the story could not be good.

But whoever likes to watch South Indian movies in cinemas, this movie definitely not make you so boring 

Maybe if the film was Akhil Akkineni's action based then that film will become a super-duper hit.

Let's talk about the rating.

This movie is liked by 90% of people over the world and I will give 3 and a half star out of five.

Leave comments below after watching Mr majnu in the cinema hall and tell how much this movie liked by you.


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