Lootcase: A bland comedy-drama

Lootcase 2020 review.

I want to speak one line about this movie. Poverty is such a thing that teaches a man to face every problem. Poverty and empty stomach teach every person everything they need throughout their life and that man Can never cheat in life.

In the same way, this film also has a similar condition which I will review, which is called Lootcase

Lootcase story

Its first actor who works in a private newspaper of Nandan Kumar, who spends his house and is not so much that he can fulfil any other dreams, he can only feed his house.

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She also has a wife who always takes care of her and she is very honest and if you get such a wife then it becomes a pleasant thing to sleep, then she also has a cute son who is fond of growing up to become a singer.


So he continues to bring in the role of Rasika Dugal as a lata and who does not know Vijay Raj sir or his acting is very good and his role in this film is Bala Rathore and Nandan Kumar and Lata's son's name is Aryan Prajapati

So let's talk about the story of the movie. There is something like this in the movie that when he is going to work, he suddenly gets a red bag as if speaking to God when God gives If we tear down that shed, then it is a minor to see the bag but inside it is full ₹ 100000000 pink coloured notes.

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When a bag is received by them, a person feels that he can increase the borrowing from the ground to the sky when a man comes with so much money when he sees this bank, then he remains fond of so much money. Whose is it and where did it come from

Then there is some twist in the story again

If there is such a big amount, then obviously it is known that it will be about a thief robber or MLA, in which Gajraj Rao is the one who plays the role of MLA Patel and he has a bag which has ₹ 100000000. He gives life to his life, he hires his best officers

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Hire the police and take help of many other people that if they bring that bag for them, then another mode comes that only money is important in that bag or there is anything else that draws them to that side There is a big twist in the story, you will find this story falling from suspense at every turn.

Your team goes to find the money, leave their best officer who plays the role of an inspector and he lives his life to find that money, then you must watch this movie, you will enjoy how he creates suspense And how is it finally revealed that the money is made with that money and whose money is it

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You can watch this movie with your family at all. There is no such scene in it that you will feel that you cannot watch with your family.

loose Like and rating

Now let's talk about this movie of likes and ratings, which is rated on Google around 97%, and I want to give this movie 4 stars out of five.

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he is bringing other faces far ahead and some faces could have been even better at laughing jokes.

Lootcase is a family drama movie and I hope you like it.


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